Benefits of Hiring A Smoke Damage Restoration Company

Fire accidents at home are the worst. It causes irreparable damage to everything it touches. The damage is so severe that it cannot be repaired.

Smoke odors are a problem that homeowners often have to deal with. It is very difficult to get rid of smoke and can remain in your home for years, causing indoor air quality to drop.

If you have been unfortunate enough to be a witness to a fire at your home and need to remove the smoke, consider hiring professional smoke odor removal Highland INC Construction companies. Here are some of the ways they can assist you.

This publication is for you if your home was damaged by fire, smoke, or other debris.

Your insurance company should help you find competent and qualified professionals. This will ensure that your insurance company covers the costs according to your policy. It also must comply with all applicable laws, standards and regulations.

You should thoroughly inspect, measure, and assess your home’s interior and exterior conditions, including crawl spaces, basements, attics, and duct systems (heating cooling ventiliation) and cavities.
Prepare a cleaning/remediation program that addresses all inspections and assessments.
Do all the work that’s called out in the plan in a satisfactory and timely manner.
Conduct post-cleaning testing to confirm successful remediation/restoration.

Your home could have been exposed to wildfire smoke or ash. you want to make sure the building and its contents get properly inspected, cleaned, treated and tested to give you assurance that everything has been restored It is in a safe pre-exposure state and can be used for habitation.  Damage to your home and possessions by smoke and ash is covered in your home policy.  You will be charged for smoke damage to your home’s structure (walls, walls, studs and wall-to-wall carpeting). Your dwelling coverage is not included. Payment for smoke damage to area carpets, clothing, curtains, furniture, etc. This is included in your contents coverage. Other than your contents and dwelling insurance limits, there should be no special dollar limit.

Cleaning and testing for smoke

Unless they are also a trained and certified expert in indoor air quality and/or smoke and ash remediation, an insurance adjuster is not qualified to opine on the condition of your home, or what needs to be done to restore/clean/remediate damage, or whether it is is safe to live in.  Credentialed professionals with experience and licenses should provide those opinions.

The best way to find out if a home has been damaged or what needs to be done to make it back to its pre-loss state is to test it.  If an insurance company adjuster who isn’t a credentialed, licensed industrial hygienist or remediation professional tells you the home seems fine and doesn’t need to be cleaned, insist they pay for testing and get a second opinion from a qualified expert.

If your insurance company accepts damage and authorizes cleaning, but won’t pay for it, After-cleaning testing There are three options available to you (not precleaning).

Your insurer will reimburse you for the pre-cleaning tests.
Then, let the house be cleaned.
Insist the insurer pay for the pre-cleaning testing and pursue all available options for compelling them to do so… (professional/government/legal/advocacy).
Three Ways Professional Smoke restoration Services Can Help You
♦ Eliminate the House’s Smell

The professional fire damage restoration company You can open all doors and windows to get rid of the smoke smell. The positive pressure mechanism is used to extract all the smoke from each area. This mechanism causes the air outside to travel outside because the pressure inside the room exceeds the outside.

♦ Deep Clean The House

After fire damage, professional smoke restoration services will remove any traces of smoke from the home by deep cleaning. Fire damage restoration contractors All surfaces, including carpets and upholsteries, curtains, windows and HVAC systems, as well as mattresses, should be cleaned.

♦ Repaint The Walls

Many don’t know this fact but paint also retains the smell of smoke. Experts use smoke odor eliminators to clean the walls. They then apply primer to the walls to remove the smoke smell.

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